20 Free High-Quality Leather Textures With PSD Files

In the past leather was used for footwear, clothing, and military equipment including shields, saddles, and harnesses. Nowadays, leather is also used in technology as backgrounds.

If you ever need some textures for your projects, there is no need to create them in Adobe Photoshop yourself. The web is full of leather textures with PSD files, so all you need to do is search for them.
We figured we could help you out so we handpicked the best leather textures we could find. If you want to get the PSD files, click on the link and you will find the resource there for free.

These leather textures can be used for website background, mobile app backdrop, or desktop wallpaper. All of these textures have neat patterns and solid colors. You can efficiently use them as layers in Photoshop or other editing software.
If you have more leather textures that you want us to list here, send them over to [email protected] and we’ll feature them.

Scroll down and check out these leather textures!

1. Buffalo Leather Textures – Antique Beige

buffalo leather texture

2. Campo Series – Grey leather texture

campo series grey leather texture

3. Campo Series – Capri leather texture

campo series capri leather texture

4. Black abstract texture for background

black abstact leather texture

5. Leather texture for background

leather texture for background

6. Red leather texture

red leather texture

7. Leather macro shot

macro shot leather texture

8. Leather texture old vintage

old vintage leather texture

9. Leather texture tied rope

tied rope leather texture

10. Leather texture rough old

rough old leather texture

11. Flat leather in Beige

flat leather in beige

12. Black leather texture

black leather texture

13. Requiemstock – leather texture

requiemstock leather texture

14. Shiny leather texture

shiny leather texture

15. Leather texture for background

background leather texture

16. Texture & backgrounds

leather texture backgrounds

17. Blue leather macro shot

blue leather macro shot

18. Pink leather texture background

red leather texture background

19. Golden squares texture

golden squares leather texture

20. Grunge room

grunge room leather textures

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