Laborate Free Glitch Font

8+ Best Free Glitch Fonts

We’ve cataloged the best glitch fonts available to download for free on the web.

These great, free display fonts are ideally suited to tech-centric web or print projects – their glitched-out, malfunctioning form retaining the satisfying geometric legibility associated with modern, ‘digital’ typefaces. Many of them fall under a creative commons license, which means they are open to personal or commercial use.

Virus_01 by vivianvong

The authors first ‘fontstruction’ and typeface, based on the theme of Disintegration it’s glitched-out, 80’s video game aesthetic plays on information-age ideas of decay and de-interlacing.

Virus_01 Free Glitch Font

g l i t c h / Glitch Progressive by Will Bindley

The author was tasked with creating a font surrounding the theme of Chaos & Order and produced two variants on one typeface that combines the two competing ideals. The uppercase of ‘g l i t c h’ is a chaotic, fractured version of its ordered lowercase counterpart. The lowercase is a modified version of ‘Open Text Rounded’ by Aron Kullander. Glitch Progressive merges the two across 26 letters, combining legibility and concept.

g l i t c h Free Font

Phelix Boomgartner by Michal Slovák

The author’s first font, ‘ It’s italic display font ideal font something crazy. It’s only uppercase but it’s available for FREE as OTF, TTF, and also vector file.’

Phelix Boomgartner Free Glitch Font

Sango by Andrew Herndon

Sango is a modern anti-italic VHS typeface, Sango Static is available for free Personal Use, and Sango Regular is available under a commercial license.

Sango Free Glitch FontNeuro by Ludovic DELESPIERRE

Neuro is a heavy, technical font inspired by mathmeatics. Not strictly a glitch font but its clean,  geometric form and sci-fi-inspired, futurist leanings make it a great addition to any tech-centric display project.

Neuro Free Glitch Font

Laborate by Klaudia Gal

From the author, ‘Laborate is a contemporary display font, combining mathematics and typography. Made with the help of the quadratic equation, also known in the ax^2+bx+c=0 form, using complex distortions and divisions based on a grid system. It’s unique, recognizable, serious but also playful and experimental.’

Laborate Free Glitch Font

Pixel Reto / Pixel Reto ShadowPixel Reto Outline by Gabriel Figueiredo

These three typeface variants play on a youth-led graffiti movement based in Brazil. Young people sign their gang names on the top of São Paulo City buildings in tall, structured lettering, mimicking the architecture of the buildings that they have to scale.

Pixel Reto Free Glitch Font

Corruptor LDR by Neoqueto

Corruptor is a firmly digital font, it’s angular form disrupted by sharp cuts and playful glitch-y detailing. The author has also created two alternate versions, one clean and the other at a heavier weight.

Corruptor LDR Free Glitch Font

The Glitch Effect

We hope you like our curated glitch font list! If you’re interested to know more about the glitch aesthetic, check out our posts on 82+ Free Glitchy Creative Commons Video Loops, Virus_01 – Free Glitch Font and our tutorial on how to add the glitch aesthetic to your photos.

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