Free Glitch Font - Virus_01

Virus_01 – Free Glitch Font

We absolutely love this glitch font! The best part is, it’s free! Check out and download Virus_01, an awesome and totally free glitchy pixelated font created by Vivian Vong. The virus_01 font plays with the theme of Disintegration and the 80s techy aesthetic. With the font’s broken texture and fractured kinetic leanings, Virus_01 is a […]

VCR OSD Mono - Free Pixel Font

VCR OSD Mono – Free Pixel Font

VCR OSD Mono is a pixel-perfect, glitch-y font created by Riciery Leal aka mrmanet and distributed via a handy freeware license. It’s  8-bit looking form recalls lo-fi 80s tech tropes and an old school video games aesthetic, which makes it the perfect font for retro-leaning creative projects. If you love VCR OSD Mono you should definitely

Free 80s Sci-Fi Font - Alien Encounters

Alien Encounters – FREE 80s Font Family

We’ve catalogued the awesome and totally free Alien Encounters font family as one of the 5 essential Vaporwave fonts and 10 best free 80s fonts. It’s sci-fi influenced – forward leaning, horizontally sliced – form and classically retro variants make Alien Encounters ideally suited to web and print projects that channel a blade runner or tron-like aesthetic. Most

Free Old Vinyl Record Pile Mockup

Free Vintage Vinyl Record PSD Mockup

This totally free, easy to download PSD makes it easy to put together a hipster-friendly, vintage looking, stacked vinyl mockup. Created in-house at Hipsthetic HQ, this handy resource is smart-object ready and fully editable. This means that you can select and edit each vinyl record by simply going into the layers panel, double-clicking the layer you

Polya - Free Polygonal Font

POLYA – FREE Low Poly Font

POLYA is a totally free polygonal font created by Adrien Coquet, it has serious ‘low poly’ credentials and makes for an awesome display type. It’s cool, tech-y form means that at large sizes, it’s unique and eye-catching aesthetic is ideally suited to web and print headings or advertisements. Polya is available for free to download and

Streamster - 80s Script Font

Streamster – FREE 80s Script Font

Streamster is an awesome, totally free, 80s-style script font that is perfectly suited to web and print projects with maximalist, retro leanings – generously made available for free to Hipsthetic by Youssef Habchi. Offset against blocky serif fonts to create cool posters and album covers or combine with vintage textures, 80s iconography and neon-lit colour

The Best Free VSCO Photoshop Actions

The Best FREE VSCO Photoshop Action Packs

We’ve catalogued the best free VSCO photoshop Action Packs available online that let you quickly replicate on-trend, hipster-friendly vintage film styles. These super-handy VSCO photoshop action packs are really easy to download, unzip and load into Photoshop, where, with just a couple of clicks, images and graphics are given a quick, trendy, vintage makeover. To

The Best FREE PSD Hoodie Mockups

Showcase your apparel designs realistically with the best fully customizable Hoodie Mockups available for free online. With these easy to edit PSD files, you can quickly and effectively throw together multiple hoodie mockups. Simply copy+paste your logo, typographic design or other graphic into the smart object layer in Photoshop, then hit save. You might also want to check out

The Best Cheap Premium Brush Fonts Under $10

The Best 13+ Premium Brush Fonts Under $10

We’ve scoured the web for the best, reasonably priced premium brush fonts and cataloged some amazing examples that are available for under $10. Right now, Brush fonts are totally on-trend. They have a loose, friendly feel that is both engaging and easy on the eye. You’ve likely seen them used as the lead font for typographic

The Best Free 1970s Fonts

The Best Free 70s Fonts

MyFonts the Largest Selection of Professional Fonts For Any Project CLICK HERE We’ve catalogued the best free 70s fonts, available from around the web. We found amazing, free 70s fonts in loads of different styles – digital, script, serif, rounded and multi-stroke. Each is perfectly suited to a retro-leaning web and print project. You might also