Free Space Icon Sets

8+ Free Space Icon Sets

Cop these free space icon sets for your outer space-based web or print design project.

Flat design-friendly icons are essential graphic design weaponry nowadays. The trend is ubiquitous within app, website and CSS theme circles thanks to it’s versatility and cutesy charm. These minimally cast rockets, astronauts, stars and planet icons come courtesy of a bunch of really great Behance and Dribble-based artists and are available to download and use completely free.

Free Space Icon Set by Simone Montagnani

‘A set of icons designed for a coworking office.’

outer space vector icon set

Infinity Icon Set

‘This pictogram-dingbat font was created for the branding identity of the ‘To the infinity and beyond’ exhibition. The lowercase and capital latin letters are the main space icons:spaceships, satellites and other unified flying objects, Moon- and Mars-cars, space characters and planetariums.’

Infinity Space Icon Set

Milky Way Icons 

‘I created these icons for a project because I realized there hasn’t been too many attempts to symbolize our solar system. I’m giving away the .svg files so anyone can edit/use these for free. No credit is required for usage.’

Milky Way Vector Icons

Adventure Icons Freebie 

‘Rounded out this set with 6 more icons. Download and enjoy!’

Free Space Icon Sets

Free Space Icons 

‘Hey, Space troopers! Use these free space icons to create beautiful stuff!
You will also get bonus pattern. Stay awesome!’

free vector space icons

Space Icon Set by Freepik

‘In total there are 50 icons in the set and they all come in both PNG and SVG formats, and includes icons for planets, stars, spaceships, rockets, astronauts, satellites, rayguns, meteors, asteroids, telescopes, and much more. And as always, you’re free to use these files in both personal and commercial projects.’

Freepik Space Icon Vector Set

Space Icons Set by Sketch Resource

‘Just a little set of spacy icons by Beasty!’

Vector Space Icons Freebie

Space: Free Vector Icons

‘Free collection of 24 space vector line icons: planets, stars, astronauts, aliens etc.’

Space - Free Vector Icons Collection


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