Free Fonts For Cricut

A Cricut Machine is a die-cutting machine and is currently one of the best crafting tools in the market. It also opens up a ton of new crafting possibilities with the number of things you can create and make with this machine. We know that fonts are an integral part of your designs and crafts, […]

The Best Calendar Fonts

If you’re into organizing, planning, and making journals, planners, and calendars, then this post is a treat for you! In this post, we will talk about the different calendar fonts that you can use, for your creative projects. These fonts are of course, all free and accessible to use. But before we dive deep into

Professional Fonts In Word

Not many people consider the importance of choosing and using the right font to project professionalism on your on-screen documents or printed materials. If you’re a business owner, student, or anyone who wants to add some professionalism to your materials, resume, research papers, or office materials, then you’ve come to the right place. We curated

Here’s a List of Fonts Like Comic Sans

When it comes to the font Comic Sans, people usually have mixed feelings about it. Some absolutely love it, some are neutral, and some just hate it with a passion. The font’s popularity exploded back around 1995 as it was something quite refreshing, easy to the eyes, casual, and friendly compared to the other fonts

Vintage Fonts For Free

The best thing about vintage is that it never goes out of style. You can never go wrong if you are exhibiting a vintage or retro aesthetic on your designs, as it is simply classic. There are many vintage fonts out there, but we wanted to round up a list of the best vintage fonts

Cool Fonts To Draw

The art of hand lettering is a great way to express one’s creativity. It is an excellent way to add that personal hand-lettered touch to your creative projects, such as homemade greeting cards, wall art, or simply incorporating it into your journal. There are tons of different cool font styles and hand-lettering techniques that you

90s Themed Patterns and Fonts to use on Your Next Graphic Design Project

It’s official, the 90s are back in style. From the latest music to recent trends in fashion, artists are incorporating the 90s back into pop culture. The nostalgia of the geometric patterns and neon colors should have never gone out of style, and we are so happy these trends are back. When creating your next

Bold Typefaces

10 of the Best Bold Typefaces to Use This Summer

A bold font can say a lot about a project. Using the right one can make the difference between mediocre and extraordinary. With that said, we’ve compiled a list of our 15 favorite bold fonts to use for this summer and beyond. Check out our list now! 10. Building Font Building is a free sans

10 of the Best Futuristic Sci-Fi Fonts

Science fiction has been a huge market ever since its creation and shows no sign of stopping. When you’re trying to give off a sci-fi vibe, it’s critical that you use sci-fi fonts. “Where can I find sci-fi fonts?”, you might ask. Well, look no further, we created a great list of some of the

Design Portofolio

How to Create a Design Portfolio that Stands Out

Creating a design portfolio can be a bit nerve-racking. There is often a lot of pressure to create a portfolio that not only stands out but accurately displays your creativity and talent. At Hipstethic, we have seen A TON of design portfolios for a variety of mediums, some that blew us away, and others that