40 Gorgeous Gift Tag Designs With Free Printable PSD Gift Tag Templates

Tags and labels help people identify a product or a thing. For example, clothing tag is a part of a brand and it helps understand what company has created a certain piece of clothing. At the same time, gift tag templates are used to write a name and maybe some wishes. What’s special about customizable […]

Kanye West Unveils The Life of Pablo Album Cover

Kanye West has unveiled The Life of Pablo Album Cover on Twitter. The cover, designed by Belgium Artist Peter De Potter, features stark, repetitious typography over a tan hue reminiscent of Kanye’s Yeezy Season 3 previews. Kanye West has unveiled the official album cover for his seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo, on Twitter. The album

Kanye West Previews Yeezy Season 3 on Twitter

Kanye West has teased fans in a series of tweets previewing his latest clothing line, ‘Yeezy Season 3’, on Twitter. In a series of tweets Kanye West has shared photos from the fitting process for his brand new clothing line, ‘Yeezy Season 3’. The tweets preview the line that features male and female knits, fur outerwear,

Instantly Glitch Images Online With These 11 Websites

This list that we created holds 11 websites that let you instantly glitch images online by simply dragging and dropping files into your browser, how cool is that!?! Glitch aesthetics are a mainstay of internet-art culture. Offset VHS coloring, ‘bad TV’ scan lines, and 8-bit pixelation are habitual to micro-trends in art and music. If you

20 Best Vaporwave Album Covers of 2015

The radical aesthetic of Vaporwave album covers is a bizarre vista through a distantly familiar decade. Drawing on the aural tropes of MOR, Lounge and Smooth Jazz, the Muzak infused micro-genre recalls the 90’s through a haze of chopped and screwed sax riffs and slowed mid-tempo crooning. Appropriately, the accompanying net art movement plays on themes of

Where to Find the Best Creative Commons, Royalty Free Images

We’ve searched everywhere for the best curators, collections, and websites that stock high-quality, free-to-use, royalty-free images online so you don’t have to! Yes, this is an ultimate list of Royalty Free Images that you can use and refer to when you’re looking for the best images to use for your projects. Thanks to a growing