Free Low Poly Fonts

11+ Free Low Poly Fonts

Our list of the best Free Low Poly Fonts catalogues 11+ on-trend, hipster-friendly, contemporary typefaces available to download online.

Design freebies are great and we love putting together handy lists. Previously we’ve catalogued the best free brush, glicth, pixel and 80’s fonts – the 11+ here follow a trend in digital art towards a retro-inspired, ‘low poly’ aesthetic. They are all totally free to download in just a couple of clicks.


‘Inspired by low-poly, Polya is a Free line font. There is also many glyphs and all numbers!’

Polya - Polygonal Font

Polygon Font

Free Polygonal Font

Low Poly Font

A set of free Polygonal typographic illustrations created Japanese 3D artist Mountstar, available to download as a photoshop layered file and an illustrator layered file.

Free Low Polygonal Font


‘Adamas was first used by Greek and Latin writers for a stone of impenetrable hardness.
Download the font for free and use it in any way you like, commercial or personal. Selling or distribution is prohibited. Credit is welcomed!’

Adamas - Free Polygonal Font


‘I was in a bit of a low-poly kick so I made a font made up of triangles just for fun.’

Triangles - Free Polygonal Fonts


‘Aroly is a polygonal heading font, designed by Arvind Kumar. The character set includes the full 26 Capital and small letters, numbers, punctuation marks and more. It’s designed to adapt to all devices and is free for personal and commercial usage.’

Aroly - Free Polygonal Font

Triangular Font

‘This font is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.’

Free Triangular Font

POLYCLE – Custom Alphabet

‘This is a custom made alphabet, usable as creative, catchy text, it is logo-friendly, it can be used to create abstract shapes and give your work a personal, different note. Whether bi-colored or one-colored. feel free to appreciate and download.’

POLYCLE - Free Custom Alphabet

Polygonal Typeface

A free polygonal typeface created by Arnaud Saunier.

Free Polygonal Typeface


‘The Pylon typeface is a font based upon the rhythm and latticework of electricity pylons.’

Pylon - Free Triangular Font


‘Origram was the first font I designed. It borns from the curiosity that I have by typefaces. Inspired by Origamis and Tangrams, the basic shape is an octagon. Geometric, regular, is a display font!’

Origram Free Font Download

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