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Zim&Zou’s Paper Wonderland DOTWA#2

Join us on a trip to the Paper Wonderland created by Zim&Zou and make sure you give us your impressions on it in the comment section below.

Paper – probably the most common object all over the planet, found its purpose in thousands and thousands of households, offices, and businesses. Although the white paper is the most widely spread, it comes in hundreds of shades, textures, and patterns. Paper, an essential object, we could say, provides a whole lot of fun. I’m sure you can name at least one thing that you can make out of paper. From boats, airplanes, hats to more complex origami figures, the paper’s malleability allows us all to be little creators.

We are not here to talk about origami, though, but about something more complex, more exciting, more colorful. We decided to call it the Paper Wonderland created by Zim&Zou. So put your paper shoes on, and let’s meet the Craftsmen who found a whole new purpose for paper.

Paper Wonderland

Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann, two French artists with two different backgrounds, are the winners of this week’s “Designer of the Week Award.” Lucie is originally from Vosges, Thibault from Paris, and they form a unique duo. With a wealth of experience and knowledge in graphic design, the two first launched their work in 2009. Their first project was a tribute brought to Bifur, Tolkien’s character from the globally known novel, The Hobbit.

When asked in an interview for the Don’t Panic Magazine why they chose paper as their main work material, they answered:

We decided to use paper in many of our projects because not only is it a basic material, accessible for everyone, but because it’s a way to show the balance of power between digital and paper production. When today you can read a book on a screen, we needed to create ‘real’ things. The aspect of craftsmanship is really important for us and paper gives us an infinite amount of possibilities.

Their work was well received, thus they continued with their next projects. On their website, Thibault’s and Luie’s work is divided into thematic projects such as Paper Game, Abyss, The Future of Food, Atlantis, etc. I must admit, Cabinet de Curiosités is my favourite. Needless to say, their superb work will intrigue you, mesmerize you, and inspire your artistic spirit. You are going to be lured into a new world! So grab your scissors, glue and a lot of color paper and create your own Paper Wonderland.

Last, but not least, I’d like to mention the couple’s last project. Forest Folks was featured at the opening of a new Hermès store in Dubai. The mythical paper forest sculpture embellished the store mesmerizingly. We applaud the duo for their creativity, and eagerness to make the world a more colorful place, a Paper Wonderland. Here’s a sneak peek from the mall:

Paper Wondreland Dubai



In the same interview, the couple let their audience know what they do with all the left over paper:

It’s very important for us when using paper to be very careful about recycling and waste. That’s why since we started to work together we decided to keep all the scraps so later we’ll make an installation using all those different random shapes. A way to transform waste into art.

If you’d like to see more of Zim&Zou’s work, make sure you follow them on Instagram, Behance and Facebook.

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Paper Wonderland by Zim&Zou

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Paper Wonderland

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Paper Wonderland


Paper Wonderland Atlantis

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Paper Wonderland

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