Blue 80's Pattern

Yoko Honda Creates Incredible 80’s Inspired Patterns

Yoko Honda celebrates 80’s hedonism through a charming palette of retro iconography, pretty pastel shapes and wonky squiggles.

Who doesn’t love the 80’s?. For a tonne of graphic designers, producers and fashionistas like Yoko Honda, it’s visual tropes make for an endlessly inspiring, creative springboard.  She pulls color, form and conceptual cues from ‘that’ look into her work for an ever-growing list of clients that includes Australian skate company Afends, Akade Wear and Boho Vesper.

Paying homage to graphic design excesses, she channels a care-free lack of inhibition associated with the cultural landscape of the time. And with a nod to contemporary retro-inspired micro-trends, like vaporwave, her work sits in that super satisfying headspace between today’s information-age and the romanticism of looking back.

You can follow Yoko’s work at her website or via Instagram 

Yoko Honda 80's blue patternYoko Honda Pepsi 80's pattern Yoko Honda White Vaporwave Pattern Yoko Honda 80's pattern

Image copyright: Yoko Honda

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