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Y2K Futurism: 1996-2002

Imgur User newwavearch90 catalogued 878 images in ‘an investigation into the aesthetic of the period 1996-02’ dubbed ‘Y2K Futurism’.

In anticipation of rapid techno-social change, purveyors of  late 90’s ‘cool’ adopted an aesthetic that was probably considered future-proof at the time. Ice white, chromed-out CGI renderings, pleather, black sunglasses and Sci-Fi inspired UI were staples of a forward leaning trend in tech, fashion and music.

In retrospect, the imagined digital utopia is reminiscent of cyber-optimism associated with an embryonic information age. And as a collection the music video screenshots, 3D mock-ups and blue-lit fashion photography share a vibe that exists somewhere in the middle distance of our collective digital sub-concious.

You can view all 878 images at imgur.

Guy III Album Cover Y2K Futurism

Y2K Futurism CGI

FIAT Multipla Y2K Futurism


Snub Bad Boy Bill Y2K Futurism

TLC - FanMail Cover Y2K Futurism

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