Nicole Ruggiero - running my fingers down ur skin i can feel every inch of u

The Cyber-Optimist Sensibility of Nicole Ruggiero

Contemporary net-art movements imbue Nicole Ruggiero’s minimalist 3D aesthetic.

In an interview with The Creators Project, the New York-based digital artist laments “People view technology, and the internet especially, as this elusive and sometimes even threatening void’, she explains ‘I think that it’s wonderful what technology can now do for us: mobile communication, interconnectivity across the globe. It’s beautiful really.’ It’s this pragmatic, holistic view of our shared techno-social existence that gives her 3D work meaning and significance.

Nicole Ruggiero - my hearts in your hand please understand please understand please understand please understandImage: Nicole Ruggiero – my hearts in your hand please understand please understand please understand please understand

In the dissemination of her work she engages with ideas and rules defined by a new wave of net artists – an interconnected web of Tumblr blogs and Instagram accounts distilling traditional high art notions of creation and distribution. In form to, like her IRL co-conspirator Jess Audrey, she knowingly participates in a visual dialogue with a community that loosely defines itself through the recurring imagery of mannequin-like bodies, sharply rendered objects and clean, reflective surfaces.

Nicole Ruggiero - keep climbing it doesnt end
Image: Nicole Ruggiero – keep climbing it doesnt end

Her imagined environments exude a soft, pink and blue effervescence familiar to Vaporwave and Seapunk and like most left-field Net Art inextricably linked to a micro-genre, there’s an unavoidable void-like quality at play in the minimalism. Responding to the complex emotional baggage tied to her methodology, she practices a delicately arch approach that contributes and subverts her aesthetic influences.

You can follow her work at InstagramTumblr and Facebook.

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