Bangkok, Thailand - MahaNakhon

Thailand’s New Tallest Building Doesn’t Actually Look Real

There’s something about MahaNakhon, Thailand’s new tallest building, that doesn’t quite seem real.

MahaNakhon is a new high-rise complex that stands 77-storeys above Bangkok’s bustling central Business District. It’s one-off pixelated facade and somewhat unconventional appearance – defined by a cuboid-surfaced spiral cut into the side of the building and conceived by architect Ole Scheeren – look prototype-like. But as of May this year, the very real, glitch art-looking structure has been recognised as the tallest building in Thailand at 314.2 metres (1,031 ft).

Bangkok, Thailand Daytime - MahaNakhonBangkok, Thailand at Night - MahaNakhon Thailands Tallest Building - MahaNakhon



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