HBO 80s Intro - Westworld

Someone Gave Westworld’s Title Sequence A Rad 80s Makeover

Neon-lit grids, check. Circuit boards, check. A synthwave theme tune remix, Check. Yep, this Westworld-gone-retro intro is everything we hoped it would be.

Ever wondered how HBO’s Westworld may have looked had it been around in the 80s? probably not, well don’t bother because audiovisual artist Messypandas (real name Tom Gosling),  has put together a pixel perfect imagining for you. Playing off of all the shows high concept themes and futurist imagery – think cryptic mazes, computer generated avatars and of course cowboys, plus their guns – the authentically grainy, VHS-like work totally nails it’s execution and delivers on all the promise of it’s tantalising premise.

You can download the theme tune’s Synthwave remix over at Soundcloud, and if you’re in the market for retro graphic design assets yourself, you should check out our handy lists of the best free 80s fonts and vectors.


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