Ondřej Zunka - Gods

Social Media Superbeing Digital Sculptures

‘Gods’ depicts eight self aware, artificial superbeings led by social media, so advanced that they are capable of enacting irreversible change.

The pastel-lit, chromed-out busts created by Prague-based motion graphic designer Ondřej Zunka, play on the idea that an advanced, self-aware AI, informed by social media data, could become God-like – capable of creating new worlds. Zunka theorises that the existence of artificial, all-consuming, data hungry beings is inevitable and asks ‘if they were able to run more than one simulation at the same time, does it make parallel universes’.

Wielding Maxon, Cinema 4D and Pixologic, eight digital sculptures have been modelled to visualise a point in time when evolution and technosocial change merge – where are physical form is recognizably human and our function is firmly digital.

You can read read more about the series here and follow Ondřej Zunka at Vimeo and Instagram.

Ondřej Zunka - Gods

Ondřej Zunka's Digital SculptureGods by Ondřej ZunkaDigital Sculpture by Ondřej Zunka

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