Seriously Next Level, Minimalist Tattoo Work

Moscow-based digital artist Stanislaw Wilczynski, aka digimatism, is responsible for some properly next level, brilliantly minimalist tattoo work.

He describes the aesthetic that he explores as ‘a fusion of russian suprematism, german minimalism and futuristic japanese ambience. A visual language of the future.’ And via his aptly monochromatic Instagram feed, he shares snapshots of work with a pretty sizeable and massively appreciative audience that for the most part want to know ‘where can I get this done?’.

You can head over to Instagram and for updates.

Minimal Tatoo by DigimatismMinimal Wrist Tatoo by Digimatism  Minimal Square Tatoo by Digimatism Minimal Neck Tatoo by Digimatism Minimal Forearm Tatoo by Digimatism Minimal Barcode Tatoo by Digimatism

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