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Amaziograph lets you create the most charming, endlessly intricate, symmetrical drawings as demonstrated by Instagram’s favourite calligrapher, Seb Lester.

To over two million online followers, British Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Seb Lester, is know for his stunning, digital calligraphy work. And, as a master of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil combination,  Amaziograph appears second nature – properly exhibiting his skill and gorgeous aesthetic sensibility. Via the easy to use but difficult to master app, Lester puts together wildly detailed creations, all the while capturing his workflow, which makes for some awe-inspiring time-lapse videos.

You can follow Seb Lester’s work at Instagram, Facebook and purchase prints via seblester.com.



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wow Edit: For everyone asking this is Amaziograph/iPad Pro/Apple Pencil.

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