‘Science Kombat’ imagines A 16-Bit Fighter With Einstein

Pixel art animations created for new browser-based fighter ‘Science Kombat’ supercharge histories greatest minds and pits them against each other.

The visuals were developed for Superinteressante magazine by Diego Sanches, who was tasked with making conceptual links between each characters abilities and ‘his or her discoveries and inventions’. The games cast, created by the Brazilian digital artist, includes Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin and Marie Curie amongst others.

Though still in development, Science Kombat promises completely mad, over-the-top, Street Fighter-style action rendered in a suitably nostalgic and brilliantly executed pixel art style – as evidenced by preview GIFs which we’ve compiled below, demonstrating each characters ‘special moves’.

You can check out more of Sanches’s work at behance, and follow project updates here.

Albert Einstein - Science KombatMarie Curie - Science Kombat
Charles Darwin - Science Kombat

Nikola Tesla - Science Kombat


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