@scenic_simpsons is Springfield’s Unofficial Instagram Account

The anonymous curator behind @Scenic_Simpsons showcases “the most beautiful scenes, colours, sets and abstract compositions” from The Simpsons classic era.

There are plenty of reasons that fans think that Matt Groening and co had it so right through ’89 to ’99  and consider seasons 1 – 10 of The Simpsons particularly special, visuals being a pretty big one.

Acting as something akin to a “best of”, @Scenic_Simpsons diligently catalogs the show’s aesthetic from that time – spotlighting particularity pretty interiors, exteriors, landscapes and abstract scenes. And one year in, 300+ posts later, the account has attracted 260k followers, all similarly engrossed by snapshots of Springfield in its prime.

Head over to @Scenic_Simpsons for loads more.

Scenic Simpsons IG - Season 3, Episode 15 Scenic Simpsons IG - Season 6, Episode 2 Scenic Simpsons IG - Season 6, Episode 5 Scenic Simpsons IG - Season 6, Episode 9 Scenic Simpsons IG - Season 7, Episode 5

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