Satisfying Videos People Can’t Stop Watching

Instagram is flooded with satisfying videos of all sorts. And when you say “No more!”, they keep feeding your inner time-eating monster with more addicting stuff. 


It’s no secret people would do anything to satisfy their senses. Psychological studies have shown that people never get over an addiction, they just replace it with a new one. Internet is an amazing source of addicting content, some quite damaging, others not so much. You would be amazed to find out what people find satisfying. The more senses involved, the more satisfaction something brings. We all love pooping wrapping plastic, biting into erasers, pulling the plastic off of new electronics, etc. When these things are not an option, Instagram provides us with the best satisfying videos out there. What makes these videos so satisfying is the fact that they involve two sense at the same time, the sight and the hearing.

After a painstaking research of satisfying videos on Instagram, we’ve come to the conclusion that the most addicting videos are:

1. Soap Cutting Videos

There’s something utterly addicting about these videos. I find myself watching them for hours and hours, and I keep looking for more. Now, to be fair, the fact that Instagram has this algorithm that basically finds out what you like watching and keeps giving you more of the same stuff doesn’t to any good. Yeah, it does. Actually it doesn’t. There are 96,253 soap cutting videos and still counting. That’s not ok. I’m conflicted because soap cutting and crushing videos are like a drug. Convince yourself:


2. Perfect Synchronization Videos

These videos come in a wide range of forms and themes, beginning with super odd and ending with super pleasing ones. These videos represent the work of amazing designers who know that every human being needs a break once in a while. With no further ado:

3. Flower Foam Crushing

I must say, you will only totally enjoy these videos once you’ve experienced crushing floral foam yourself. It’s a very unique sensation. To keep the interest alive for these type of videos, they vary the methods of crushing flower foam by freezing it, adding color, glitter, slime to it, inserting uncooked spaghetti in it, etc.

4. Slime

Slime has been around the longest, but people doesn’t seem to get enough of it. With over 9 million posts on Instagram, Slime is the queen of satisfying products. People started making Slime at home, making it more exciting than ever. Now when it comes to slime, you can mix it with literary anything. Here’s what I mean:

5. Wet Sand Cutting

Every now and then, when watching soap cutting videos, a wet sand cutting video shows up. The intriguing consistency of the sand made people fall in love with it as soon as it made its way on Instagram. Here’s what it looks like:

6. Crunchy Bites

It’s fascinating seeing what people would do for a little audible satisfaction. A few Asian people started this new trend where they eat with their mouth open the crunchiest foods in their countries. These include larva, cockroaches, frog legs, grilled stingrays, and more recently CHALK!

7. Hydraulic Press

If you were wondering what happens to things under extremely high pressure, well, Instagram has the answer. Part of the super satisfying videos people can’t stop watching, the hydraulic press videos have an educational purpose, as well. Don’t try it at home, kids:


We hope you enjoyed these videos just as much as we did! Make sure you visit us daily for amazing snippets of creativity!







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