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Race Related Animated Portraits For The New York Times

Hand-drawn animated portraits created for a forthcoming New York Times newsletter exploring race with ‘provocative reporting and discussion’, Race/Related.

The portraits were drawn by Brixton-born illustartor T.S. Abe, real name Palesa Monareng, for the launch of Race/Related, the New York Times newsletter described as a ‘deep and provocative exploration of race’.

For the series, Palesa stitched together intimate, hand-drawn depictions of her IRL and online friends to transfer ‘more agency to the individuals in the portraits’. The DIY aesthetic lends the GIFs an intentional replay value – ‘They see you too and you get a little glimpse of personality. The way the gif works you see it again and again and each time get a little more. I want you to be able to see more.’

You can sign up to Race/Related here and follow T.S. Abe’s work on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram.

Race/Related - AlissaRace/Related - CaitlinRace/Related - SamoraRace/Related - YinkaRace/Related - Malena


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