Troy Ford - all my friends are murdered

Pure Honey’s Trippy Glitch Machinations

Pure Honey’s manic digital aesthetic is an internet-inspired collision of mind, body, soul and technology.

Pure Honey is the alias of Troy Ford, a member of Glitch Artists Collective – a sprawling community of like-minded digital artists. Across interconnected Tumblr blogs and Facebook groups, its members share glitched-out 2D and 3D creations.

His output lies slightly  outside of Glitch art norms but it’s a scene that Ford’s work is in dialogue with. He borrows tropes that result from a shared methodology, fracturing 3D models and rendering abstract shapes in unnatural chrome-like environments.

Troy Ford - It Hurts

His work demonstrates a deft command of digital tools. Employing Cinema 4D, Zbrush and Photoshop to effectively communicate a left-field ideology that plays on themes of disconnect, hypereality and internet-induced loneliness.

The warped Human protagonists inhabit a 3D world bathed in a familiar 90’s infused Pink and Blue Hue. It’s a palette habitual to Net Art micro-trends but Pure Honey’s aesthetic is free of the maximalist leanings of Vaporwave, instead exploring a void-like emptiness specific to the information-age.

Troy Ford - Hammer Time

In an interview with the creators project, Ford explains ‘Most of my work has to do with claustrophobia and isolation in some sense.  A lot of this is inspired by the isolation and death of physical relationships that I feel the internet causes.’ This contrasts the more typical contemporary perspective espoused by collaborator Nicole Ruggiero. Where Ruggieros soft pastel sensibility plays on the interconnectivity that advances in technology has allowed, Pure Honey’s tortured cast of androgynous mannequins accentuate the literal chasm between our physical and digital existence.

You can follow Pure Honey’s work at Tumblr and Facebook.

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