Powerful Eco-Art – Destroying Nature Is Destroying Life

Digital art studio Illusion CGI created the powerful poster series ‘Destroying nature is destroying life’ for environmental activist group Robin Wood.

On assignment to help Robin Wood, the environmental activists, Bangkok-based Illusion created three powerful full CG visuals to ‘raise public awareness of the ongoing destruction of animals’ natural habitats’. The striking concept devised by Grabarz & Partner plays on three simple asks – stop forest fires, stop deforestation and stop melting ice caps.

The digital visuals that were based off of a clay modelling process, distil the campaigns complexities into billboard-friendly posters. Deforestation, forest fires and melting ice caps are rendered upon the animals that inhabit environments Robin woods protects though a smart double exposure-like effect.

You can check out the project in full over at Behance.

Robin Wood - Destroying Nature Is Destoying Life
Eco Art Poster for Robin Wood
Destroying Nature Is Destoying Life Series
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