Stamped Ex-Librīs

Perfectly Personalised Stamped Bookplates

A beautifully presented, made-to-order bookplate –  or ex-librīs – series, featuring personalised graphic marks, emblems and symbols.

Bookplates, sometimes refereed to as ex-librīs (Latin, “from the books of…”) are small print or decorative labels pasted into a book, often on the inside front cover, to indicate it’s ownership. Oftentimes they take on a simple or generic form but the stamps made by Hungary-based freelance graphic designers, Halisten Stúdió are one-offs, full of character and meaning.

‘After our previous ex libris collection we had so many bookplate commissions, that now we are able to present the second selection. This makes us so happy, we really like to work on bookplates. It is a very personal and custom design each time, and a great challenge to express someone’s personality in one compressed symbol.’
You can follow the work of Halisten Stúdió at BehanceFacebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Personalised Stamped Red BookplatePersonalised Stamped Red Ex-Libris Personalised Bear BookplatePersonalised Stamped Bear Ex-LibrisPersonalised Planet BookplatePersonalised Planet Ex-LibrisPersonalised Mermaid BookplatePersonalised Stamped Mermaid Ex-Libris Personalised Stamped Fox Bookplate Stamped Ex-LibrīsPersonalised Cute BookplatePersonalised Cute Stamped Bookplate

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