Geometrie #3 Minimal Urban Photography

Paolo Pettigiani’s Minimal Urban Photography

Paolo Pettigiani’s starkly minimal photography captures the angles, detailing and textures of contemporary Dutch and Italian Architecture.

Turin-based photographer and graphic designer Paolo Pettigiani graduated in ‘visual design and communication’ at Politecnico di Torino and through his academically informed photographic series ‘Geometrie’, he presents architecture in a context where shapes ‘become a way to explore the space’ and minimalism ‘releases their real image’.

The sky ‘remains a constant’ and ties both iterations, #3 & #4, together. It is ‘continuously mutating’ says Pettigiani which determines how the geometry, shadows and colors are cast – elements that are essential to the project, whose concept attempts to merge all three into each photo.

You can follow Paolo’s work at Behance, Instagram and Dribble.

Geometrie #3 PhotographyGeometrie #4 Minimal PhotographyGeometrie #3 Minimal Urban PhotographyGeometrie #3 by Paolo PettigianiPaolo Pettigiani


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