5 Best Free Serif Fonts of 2015

Fonts | Darth Vader . 20 Jan

Serif fonts are often associated with notions of conservatism in design but these free fonts demonstrate a versatile and contemporary take on a traditional form. This collection of free serif fonts from 2015 make a great alternative to modern design staples such as Baskerville or Caslon and for the most…

Grimes just released the Kill V. Maim Music Video and it’s Cyber Ghetto af

Music | Darth Vader . 19 Jan

Directed by Grimes and her brother Mac Boucher, the official Kill V. Maim music video is full-on Cyber Ghetto madness. Taken from Grimes' latest LP 'Art Angels', Kill V. Maim is a noisy as hell, punky, EBM-drenched banger. It's video captures the tracks dissonant, cacophonous vibe though a mad-max infused haze of pastel pinks,…


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82+ Free Glitchy Creative Commons Video Loops

Freebies | Darth Vader . 19 Jan

Beeple's catalog of stunning, glitchy video loops are free to download and use under a creative commons license. Mike Winkelmann aka 'Beeple' has been puttting out high-quality free 1080p visual source material for over 6 years, amassing a catalog of video loops generously released under a free-to-use, attribution free creative…

6 Best Free Modern Minimalist Fonts of 2015

Fonts | Darth Vader . 19 Jan

Minimalist fonts are a great design choice, they're versatile, attractive and look great at any weight and size. This collection of Free Modern Minimalist Fonts from 2015 make a great alternative to design staples - Open Sans, Bebas, Raleway and Exo and for the most part are available to download…