Joshua Bennie’s Distilled Net Art Aesthetic

Digital Art | Darth Vader . 2 Feb

Joshua Bennie's greyscale, smartphone sized portraits explore our shared digital culture. Typically, contemporary net-art is associated with notions of maximalism. Images of consumer durables, haute couture, logo edits and glitched-out geometric renderings pervade post-internet micro trends. Scottish digital artist Josh Bennie distils themes and ideas habitual to Cyber Ghetto, Vaporwave and Seapunk into his…

13+ Free Vector Hipster Logo Template Sets

Freebies | Darth Vader . 2 Feb

Our list of fully editable hipster logo template sets let you quickly put together a custom logo with a trendy, vintage aesthetic. The symbolism of Hipster culture is ubiquitous in contemporary graphic design. Triangles, arrows, anchors and minimally cast nature icons are now a staple of any graphic designers weaponry.…


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Instantly Glitch Images Online With These 11 Websites

Freebies | Darth Vader . 1 Feb

Our list of 11 websites let you instantly glitch images online by simply dragging and dropping files into your broswer. Glitch aesthetics are a mainstay of net-art culture. Offset VHS colouring, 'bad TV' scan lines and 8-bit pixelation are habitual to micro-trends in art and music. You can replicate those effects…

Pure Honey’s Trippy Glitch Machinations

Digital Art | Darth Vader . 31 Jan

Pure Honey's manic digital aesthetic is an internet-inspired collision of mind, body, soul and technology. Pure Honey is the alias of Troy Ford, a member of Glitch Artists Collective - a sprawling community of like-minded digital artists. Across interconnected Tumblr blogs and Facebook groups, its members share glitched-out 2D and 3D creations. His output…