8+ Best Free Glitch Fonts

Fonts | Darth Vader . 28 Jan

We've catalogued the best glitch fonts available to download for free on the web. These great, free display fonts are ideally suited to tech-centric web or print projects - their glitched-out, malfunctioning form retaining the satisfying geometric legibility associated with modern, 'digital' typefaces . Many of them fall under a…

The Cyber-Optimist Sensibility of Nicole Ruggiero

Digital Art | Darth Vader . 27 Jan

Contemporary net-art movements imbue Nicole Ruggiero's minimalist 3D aesthetic. In an interview with The Creators Project, the New York-based digital artist laments "People view technology, and the internet especially, as this elusive and sometimes even threatening void', she explains 'I think that it’s wonderful what technology can now do for us: mobile communication, interconnectivity…


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20 Best Vaporwave Album Covers of 2015

Music | Darth Vader . 26 Jan

The radical aesthetic of Vaporwave album covers is a bizarre vista through a distantly familiar decade. Drawing on the aural tropes of MOR, Lounge and Smooth Jazz, the Muzak infused micro-genre recalls the 90's through a haze of chopped and screwed sax riffs and slowed mid-tempo crooning. Appropriately, the accompanying net art…

Ruth Shaffer’s Bizzaro 3D Animations Meld Mind and Body

Digital Art | Darth Vader . 25 Jan

Ruth Shaffer's heady animated 3D aesthetic is the result of a methodical academic fusion. As a student of UCLA’s school of Design Media Arts and UCLA’s School of Cognitive Psychology, Ruth Shaffer aims to merge 'the complexities of the human mind with design in order to create innovative solutions in both…