30+ Best Free Pixel Fonts

Fonts | Darth Vader . 18 Feb

Our list of the best free pixel fonts, catalogues 30 video game-inspired, 80's-friendly typefaces available to download online. Glitched-out VHS textures, primary colour palettes and pixelated typefaces are elements of retro video game culture that continue to inspire graphic designers into 2016. Contemporary digital artists and musicians have re-purposed the lo-fi…

Vektroid Drops Three New Releases via Bandcamp

Music | Darth Vader . 17 Feb

Vektroid a.k.a. Macintosh Plus, New Dreams Ltd., Laserdisc Visions etc. has released three new LP's. The Vaporwave pioneer behind 2011's Floral Shoppe, has dropped remasters of two deleted albums and a brand new, 20-track LP via Bandcamp. The first two, Fuji Grid TV: Ex and Shader Complete, albums that surfaced and subsequently disappeared several…


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How To Create Tumblr-Style Animated Text

Freebies | Darth Vader . 15 Feb

In this tutorial we'll show you how you can create tumblr-style animated text using Xara 3D Maker version 7 in just 7 simple steps. If you're familiar with the Tumblr and it's bizzaro aesthetic, chances are you'll have come across animatedtext. The blog, which is run by graphic designer Catherine Frazier, posts…

10 Best Free 80’s Fonts

Fonts | Darth Vader . 14 Feb

We've cataloged the best free 80's fonts available to download on the web in the script, glitch, and pixelated styles. The idiosyncrasies of 80's culture remain steadfast, continuing to influence producers, artists, and fashionistas into 2016. The maximalist aesthetic of the decade spawned a number of tropes that are now graphic design mainstays…