21+ Free Aesthetic PNG packs

Digital Art | Darth Vader . 26 Feb

We've catalogued the best Aesthetic PNG Packs available to download for free on the web that include transparent Vaporwave, Seapunk and Net Art imagery. 'Aesthetic' is a catch-all term that has been co-opted by digital artists and bloggers, often used in reference to iconography, colour palettes and symbolism associated with Net…

Stream Yung Lean’s New Album ‘Warlord’

Music | Darth Vader . 25 Feb

Swedish Cloud Rapper and Net Art Cult Figure Yung Lean has dropped his sophomore LP 'Warlord', available to stream now. The brand new 13-track LP follows up on 2014's polarizing 'Unknown Memories' - Yung Lean's debut effort that showcased his wavey rap sensibility against a sonic palette of sharp, melodic Cloud Rap…


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Digital Artist Yaappssee Channels A ‘Stoned Alien’ Sensibility

Digital Art | Darth Vader . 25 Feb

We spoke to digital artist Yaappssee about her technical background, workflow and the inspiration behind the bizarre collages that she creates. Sasha Goncharov aka Yaappssee considers herself a citizen of the internet - she was born in Russia, 'but now lives online'. And the Tumblr blog that houses her oddball work,…

Create Pixel Fonts Online With BitFontMaker2

Fonts | Darth Vader . 18 Feb

BitFontMaker2 is a simple Bitmap font Editor that lets you create pixel fonts online, in your web browser. Our 30 best free pixel fonts feature included many retro, 80's-inspired fonts created in BitFontMaker2 - a browser-based tool, that lets you create pixel fonts in an 8-bit, pixel art style. Launched in 2011 by Pentacom, it allows users…