These Super Cute Animated GIF’s Revive Retro Electronics

Digital Art | Darth Vader . 13 Mar

French graphic designer Guillaume Kurkdjian brings 80's and 90's tech back to life in a series of 3D, isometric animated gifs. The series, which Kurkdjian posts to Tumblr brings life to video cameras, computers, toys and musical instruments from the 80s and 90s through neat animations that sees mechanisms being pushed,…

Travis Purrington’s Stunningly Executed US Dollar Redesign

Digital Art | Darth Vader . 12 Mar

American graphic designer Travis Purrington undertook the ambitious task of redesigning every US Dollar banknote and the results are stunning. Inspired by 'the Swiss Franc's (CHF) ambitious redesign process (the currency is thoroughly redesigned every 20 years by way of contest', Purrington says that 'The goal was to develop a similar…


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Inside America’s Most 90s Abandoned Mall

Photography | Darth Vader . 11 Mar

The now abandoned, or 'dead', Great Mall of the Great Plains stands as a 783,010 sq ft shrine to consumer excess and the idiosyncrasies of 90's design. Opened in 1997, the mall was the largest outlet mall in the state of Kansas. It opened with 150 stores, a family entertainment center called Jeepers, later to…

The Vaporwave Sample-Ready 80’s & 90’s Muzak Vault

Music | Darth Vader . 3 Mar

The APM Music catalogue of late 80's and early 90's corporate Muzak is a huge vault of Vaporwave-ready samples, waiting to be pitched, chopped and skewed. APM Music are a production music company, offering 'every type of music perfect for every type of media'. Deep in their vaults of waiting room, news reel and…