Kanye West - Real Friends Cover

Haven’s remix of Kanye West’s Real Friends Is Bliss

Anonymous producer Haven has lifted Kanye West’s low-key ‘Real Friends’ to anthemic heights. ‘Real Friends’ taken from Kanye West’s upcoming album, out February 11th, is an understated ode to honesty, trust and truth. Lyrically West appears to lament his own struggles with friends and family – taking blame for fallings-out and failings as a parent. On the original, restrained …

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Y2K Futurism Technology

Y2K Futurism: 1996-2002

Imgur User newwavearch90 catalogued 878 images in ‘an investigation into the aesthetic of the period 1996-02’ dubbed ‘Y2K Futurism’. In anticipation of rapid techno-social change, purveyors of  late 90’s ‘cool’ adopted an aesthetic that was probably considered future-proof at the time. Ice white, chromed-out CGI renderings, pleather, black sunglasses and Sci-Fi inspired UI were staples of a …

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jshbny - Full Health

Joshua Bennie’s Distilled Net Art Aesthetic

Joshua Bennie’s greyscale, smartphone sized portraits explore our shared digital culture. Typically, contemporary net-art is associated with notions of maximalism. Images of consumer durables, haute couture, logo edits and glitched-out geometric renderings pervade post-internet micro trends. Scottish digital artist Josh Bennie distils themes and ideas habitual to Cyber Ghetto, Vaporwave fonts and Seapunk into his stark, …

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Troy Ford - all my friends are murdered

Pure Honey’s Trippy Glitch Machinations

Pure Honey’s manic digital aesthetic is an internet-inspired collision of mind, body, soul and technology. Pure Honey is the alias of Troy Ford, a member of Glitch Artists Collective – a sprawling community of like-minded digital artists. Across interconnected Tumblr blogs and Facebook groups, its members share glitched-out 2D and 3D creations. His output lies slightly  outside of Glitch …

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Brothel - Suvida w Clement!no Cover

Brothel’s Iced-Out, Future Trap Euphoria

The pale aesthetic adopted by Brothel communicates the emotionally charged haze that sits, halo-like, atop his Future Trap leanings. Over the last year, the Colorado-based producer has been putting out Future Trap bangers in association with Bass-centric collective Amstergang. As well as amassing a solid Soundcloud following and hundreds of thousands of plays, he has established an …

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Laborate Free Glitch Font

8+ Best Free Glitch Fonts

We’ve catalogued the best glitch fonts available to download for free on the web. These great, free display fonts are ideally suited to tech-centric web or print projects – their glitched-out, malfunctioning form retaining the satisfying geometric legibility associated with modern, ‘digital’ typefaces . Many of them fall under a creative commons license, which means …

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