Deer Photo Collage by Naro Pinosa

Naro Pinosa’s Surreal Photo Collages

The relentless photo collage work that Naro Pinosa puts out online is sometimes funny, sometimes beautiful but always surreal.

Naro Pinosa is a Spanish collage artist who’s bizzare aesthetic sensibility, astonishing workrate and sense of humour have made him an Instagram favourite. Through the mutation and merging of landscapes, images of animals and potraits of models he has amassed a portfolio of weird and wonderful work that celebrates photography’s playful relationship with digital art.

You can follow Naro Pinosa’s work at Instagram and Facebook.

Scape by Naro Pinosa

Naro Pinosa - FlowersBravo by Naro PinosaEye by Naro PinosaDesire Sea by Naro PinosaDeer by Naro PinosaAbramović by Naro Pinosa

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