Tim Jarvis - Monolith III

Monolithic Kubrick-Inspired Digital Art Prints By Tim Jarvis

Three Kubrick-inspired, digitally altered images that play on the mathematics and omnipresence of 2001’s tycho monolith.

The series of images, entitled ‘monoliths’, are the work of British graphic & information designer, Tim Jarvis. They chart the point at which moody, cold photography (shot in the South West of England,) and mixed media proficiency converge.

Monolith I, the first image in the series ‘illustrates the moment immediately following the tragic impact of a small body’ says Jarvis whose vision of a jet black, omnipresent object is rendered against three ‘daunting but benevolent’ backdrops.

You can purchase the prints here and follow Tim Jarvis’s work at Twitter, Behance and Instagram.

Tim Jarvis - Monolith ITim Jarvis - Monolith IIITim Jarvis - Monolith II

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