Minimalist Outdoor Inspiration for 2019

There are many outdoor designs that look fantastic, but aren’t very good for the environment. Ideally, a minimalistic approach would counteract any negative effect design might have on nature. The Bouroullec brothers, Ronan and Erwan tackled this challenge for the sake of saving mother nature and for your personal outdoor minimalist inspiration.

The setting for their latest exhibit- titled Ruisseau and Ring – takes place in a lush, green field. This field is located right in front of the Herzog & de Meuron-designed VitraHaus building.

When you visit the campus in Germany, you’ll be drawn to the marble water feature that sits directly in the middle of the field. A stainless steel water spout is fitted to one end of the long, narrow groove, carved into the marble’s center.

“Our aim is to give a new sense of magic to the places where we walk, meet, and talk,” explained Ronan.

Alongside the water feature is this metal, circular bench. You’ll notice that the ring doesn’t get too close to the tree, and therefor harm it. The bench is to serve as a nice place for anyone to gather, relax, and chat.

According to the brothers, the installation of this exhibit was to explore the ways human beings can interact with urban and natural settings.

This isn’t the first time the brothers thought about this. This new idea is an extension of a previous exhibition, Rêveries Urbaines, which was held at the Vitra Fire Station in 2016.

The Rêveries Urbaines (pictured above) focused on the development of future cities, and showcased 14 models. Each of these models explored how plants, animals, and water could be better integrated into our cities. Although not talked about directly, using these three elements of nature has proven to be the biggest factor in the brother’s outdoor minimalist inspiration.

Two years ago, the brother’s created an outdoor exhibit dedicated to the passing of the late architect, Zaha Hadid. Much like their previous designs, the memorial consisted of many outdoor elements like 120 vases filled with flowers and many types of grasses.

Ruisseau and Ring was revealed at this year’s Design Miami/Basel fair. Although this exhibit is focused specifically on outdoor minimalist inspiration, the brother’s are no strangers to minimalistic designs in general. Take a look at some of their other works if you’re into minimal designs.

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