A Great Web App: What’s This, How It Works and How to Launch a Thrilling One

There is so much hype around the purpose of high-quality apps for business success but hardly someone explains in detail what it is, how it works and why you need to produce one. So today, we would like to devote some attention to this topic and highlight brief but informative answers to the above-mentioned questions. To get this task done, we enlisted the help of Clockwise, a web app development company. The details you find here are provided by skilled and experienced engineers. Let’s see what we have!

Introduction to web apps

It all started recently when one of our colleagues installed Instagram on a new device. “Look”, he said. “Can you believe the Instagram app was downloaded more than 1 billion times?” Of course, we could believe it. We heard about it in June 2018, when the striking news about the number of Instagram users spread all over the planet. As the years go by, this number is still shocking. And there are numerous apps that millions and billions of people on this planet use. Here are some quick examples:

Even though world citizens are huge fans of smartphones and web applications, only some of them are aware of essentials.  

A web application is a program that runs on devices with Internet access and provides a user with certain functionality. One can access this functionality via a web browser or by installing a web app on his or her device (smartphone, IPad, laptop, etc).

Nowadays, web apps attract more and more attention due to a simple fact: a web app is your chance to spread the information about products you build or services you provide and reach out to more and more potential customers. Long story short, a web app may become your source of revenue. And the more you know about it, the more chances you get to succeed in this promising but rather strict web development industry.

How web apps work

The Internet is a huge and powerful communication channel. It enables borderless information exchange and processing, transaction protection, business development, etc. And good Internet connection is a must to run a web app.

All websites are hosted on specific on special web servers called hostings. Some of the well-known hostings are Godaddy, Namecheap, SiteGround etc. Thanks to these great solutions, website owners make their apps accessible all over the World Wide Web.

In a nutshell, a web app is a combination of 2 separate sides: back-end and front-end. Let’s have a closer look at these parts.

App’s back-end

This is a part of an app a user cannot access. It defines application logic and architecture. The most popular back-end development languages are PHP, Ruby, Java, C# and more.

App’s front-end

Or the interface of web solution. This is a part of the application a user sees on his or her screen. To develop a great app’s UI, one needs to be acquainted with HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Lately, numerous JS frameworks emerge to simplify and improve front-end development. Some of these are React, Angular and Vue.

Every web application works with data, and you need a database to collect and store information there. Web app administrators can manage this data and use it for particular purposes thanks to a database. The cutting-edge way to store and manage data is a cloud. Cloud computing helps to employ computing resources and database capacity without direct access to physical servers.

What does the process look like?

Now, we are going to take a look at the web app usage process:

  1. With the help of a web browser or an app installed on your device, you access the web app’s address;
  2. A web server sends the request to an app’s server;
  3. An app’s server performs the task you request;
  4. It sends the results to a web server;
  5. A web server presents the requested information on a screen of your device.

Sounds pretty easy but your app’s back-end processes complex programming code to perform the actions. The results may pass firewalls and other balancers and, depending on Internet speed, needs a certain amount of time to respond to the request.

Why do you need a business web app?

Now, when you are aware of the essentials, have a glance at proven facts on why you need a web app.

Before initializing the entire development process, you must see clearly what’s the purpose. Here are some of the top reasons to break into the IT industry and launch your own brand-new web app:

  • Promoting and selling your products;
  • Offering your services;
  • Growing and sharing your virtual gallery;
  • Publishing news and discussing it with an interested audience;
  • Developing social interactions and sharing your experience through web blogs;
  • Gathering Internet users with similar points of view etc.

Each of these points may become your extra source of revenue. But keep in mind that an app you plan to launch should be exceptionally well-organized, attractively designed and easy to use. Focus on quality: users’ demands grow as well as the number of offers in the market. Thus, you need to produce something great to get noticed.

How to launch a great app?

According to the insights the Clockwise Software experts shared with us, the very first step to success in web development is building a high-quality partnership. The experienced web development team is the key thing you need to get deeper into the specifics of web apps, understand how they work and build a plan on how to satisfy particular users’ needs with your solution. So, follow the rules:

  • Build a plan;
  • Increase your awareness about the entire industry and the most popular web apps;
  • Meet a Perfect Partner;
  • Start working on the spectacular results.

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