A New Way To Knit by Petros Vrellis

Knitted Portraits are a Thing . . . and They’re Really Pretty

Who’d have thought that thousands of meters of continuous black thread could be knitted by hand to beautifully mimic Spanish Renaissance masterpieces.

Well, new media artist Petros Vrellis did exactly that. ‘a new way to knit’ tracks the painstaking, by-hand but digitally-led process that he undertook to create just one of 15 knitted portraits based on ‘El Greco’s expressive figures’.  In straight lines across the circumference of a primitive circular loom, Vrellis knitted over two kilometres of thread, in a pattern dictated by a computer-generated algorithm that is a joy to watch play out.

You can learn more about the themes, process and find purchase links over at artof01.com.

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