How to Start Your Travel Blog

Travel blogs have reached a high level of popularity among young people online. If you are one of them and have a desire to run a travel blog, get rid of the idea of making money on it. First of all, this is an adventure. Blogging is not always primary income, even for famous travelers. But with traveling, you may open a lot of new possibilities in your life. The EssayShark team has prepared some tips for you to start a brand new travel blog.

Which place is better for creating the blog?

To start your blog, you have to travel. It’s a fact. Traveling is the way to collect the material. Find out for yourself what you want to show. If your addiction is making photos, Instagram is better for you than YouTube. But if you can’t go out without filming every moment of life around, choose the YouTube platform.  

Opening your website is a great idea, but the first recommendation for a beginner is to invite the audience; there is no better place than social networks.  

What’s the story to tell?

Travel blogs aren’t impressive just with gorgeous views on photos and videos. Each blog is unique because of the stories you hit on the trip. Your writing or subjects for new videos can be beneficial for people with no experience in traveling. For example, you can give instructions on how to get to the highest pool in the world, tips for getting visas, or ten lessons around the world for inspiration and motivation. In addition to stories about new countries, cultures, and people, you can include a detailed guide for what travelers should not take on the road.  

How do you become attractive?

Visual content is significant for your page, whether it’s an account in social media, a web page on a blog platform such as Blogger, or Telegraph. An excellent blog has a clear structure; authors group posts by sections: year, country, and continent. They also highlight articles with the best materials for the entire period of publications. 

When you are posting videos on YouTube, make a recognizable thumbnail. Choose one font for all your thumbnails, play with one color palette, pick the icons in the same style, or create your simple, attractive design. Photos from the most beautiful places on our planet will be most welcome on Instagram and Facebook, as well.  

When should you think about popularity?

For example, you are creating the blog for quick updates about your movements. Your audience consists of friends and relatives. Also, you are doing it for your pleasure. But over time, more and more people could be interested in the page: friends of friends, colleagues from work. They are sharing posts, and that is attracting more people. Participate in interviews, cooperate with other bloggers, and add a link to your profile, and this helps bring the people too. These easy steps create a wide range of followers. 

Where do you get additional earnings?

Besides the fact that you are brave enough to do your favorite thing and travel, you can get experience in professions of different specializations. Even the most avid hitchhikers run out of money.

There are a lot of practical tips on where to make income for a traveler. If you have no regular earnings, you can work on organic farms or cruise liners. Take more opportunities for monetization: earn through paid articles, links, banners, and mentions in social media, places’ and products’ reviews.

There is always an option to teach English or volunteer at one of the shelters. Also, when you are making breathtaking photos, you can sell travel pictures on photo stocks. 

What about room and board? 

Sometimes savings for travel is not enough. In that case, you can find free accommodation and food options just by helping out on farms. You can find many possibilities for living on CouchSurfing. If you are ready, there are some unexpected places to spend the night: bars, Buddhist temples, and churches. Highly demanded professions are still the same: waitresses, bartenders, models, event managers, photographers. You may even find an exotic job every once in a while, such as being a foreigner in a club in China or Japan. The foreigners’ presence enhances the status of the club, and locals ask for photos together and pay for them. 

Are you worried about this? Come on! You are a traveler! It is going to be fun! With this bundle of experience, you will have more exciting stories. They can inspire not only you but your followers as well.

From Twitter to full-fledged websites, from smartphone photos to documentaries, from a week to several years – this is the characterization of the range of worldwide travel blogs. Not only professional travelers go on trips. Sometimes it is just a person who left the job and who wanted finally to fulfill a childhood dream or someone horrified by the prospect of an office and who has not been in the same place for more than a year. Feel that this is about you? Just start working on it, as even small steps can lead to a big story. 


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