Health Goth photoshoot

HellBoy Gear is Your New Favourite Health Goth Brand

Health Goth was Googles #2 most searched for fashion trend of 2014 (placing behind Normcore) and has transcended micro-trend cycle norms.

What is Health Goth? In short it is an aesthetic amalgam of monochrome, sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas, Goth culture and Net Art. Health Goth Bares some similarities to the ‘Street Goth’ and ‘Goth Ninja’ movements – trends defined by dark, Goth inspired streetwear and high-end brands but incorporates design elements from outside of fashion. Biotechnology, body enhancement and tactical gear for example lend visual tropes that result in tumblr madness + some dope af clothing.

HellBoy Gear’s aesthetic exploits the strange headspace between the blacked-out minimalism of Goth and the bizarro fusion that happens when future tech meets 90’s inspired net-art. You can cop their catalog of Health Goth inspired chains, iPhone cases and jerseys @

HellBoy Gear model

HellBoy Gear iPhone case

Pastel Health Goth HellBoy Gear Jersey

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