Kanye West - Real Friends Cover

Haven’s remix of Kanye West’s Real Friends Is Bliss

Anonymous producer Haven has lifted Kanye West’s low-key ‘Real Friends’ to anthemic heights.

‘Real Friends’ taken from Kanye West’s upcoming album, out February 11th, is an understated ode to honesty, trust and truth. Lyrically West appears to lament his own struggles with friends and family – taking blame for fallings-out and failings as a parent.

On the original, restrained percussion and a looped choral backing underline West’s verses and Ty Dolla $ign’s hook. Haven‘s remix channels an energy present in West’s version but accentuates it’s impact through a cascade of emotionally-pained cries and rapid Trap-like hi-hats.

Check out the remix and it’s instrumental version with our Soundcloud playlist below.


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