Mountain Watercolour (Cropped) by Hannah Jesus

Hannah Jesus’s Gorgeous Illustrations Framed By Their Subjects

Hannah Jesus captures perfectly framed images of her gorgeous landscape watercolours and pen illustrations against the backdrops that they depict.

San Francisco-based art teacher Hannah Jesus employs pen and watercolours to recreate mountains, lakes, waterfalls and flowers in lovingly careful detail before sending them to Instagram framed by the surroundings that inspired them. The cute, sketchbook charm of the handmade works is perfectly captured by the images where each sits, dwarfed by sometimes stunning, sometimes pretty scenes.

You can purchase postcard prints at and follow Hannah’s Jesus’s work at Instagram.
Mountain Watercolour by Hannah JesusLeaves Illustration by Hannah JesusMountain Watercolour by Hannah JesusForest Flower by Hannah JesusGolden Gate Bridge Watercolour by Hannah JesusCherry Blossom by Hannah JesusBlanca Lake by Hannah Jesus

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