Halloween Scary Illustrations and Vectors

One of the best things about Halloween is it’s actually fun and entertaining to design or decorate your home and space into something scary. If you’re all for the spook and gore, then Halloween must be a day you look forward to! Since the holiday is approaching, we created a list of our favorite Halloween Scary Illustrations and Vectors that we think you might be able to use on your designs, decor, costumes, and whatnot. These photos are all free for personal use, just check out their respective licenses if you are using them for commercial purposes.

Crow with Skull Halloween Scary Illustration

This black, white, and gray illustration give us the creeps! Perfect if you’re going for the skull crow theme that gives a subtle scary look but still has that hair-raising vibe. You can download this free illustration here at Vecteezy.

illustration scary crow bird with skull

Watercolor Halloween Scary Illustration Background

Here’s something that you can use as a background for your designs. We love how this is done in watercolor so the scary vibe is quite subdued but equally eerie. This background will work perfectly as a Halloween scary illustration for your digital designs. Click here to download!

Zombie Halloween Scary Vector Illustration

Halloween can’t be complete without Zombies, right? Here’s a perfect vector illustration for that which you can use on your zombie-themed Halloween decor and designs! We love the orange skyline and the silhouette of zombie hands on this one! Click here to get a hold of this free Halloween vector.

Vector illustration, Flat Style, Horror halloween background, silhouette of zombie hands come out of the ground or the cemetery on top there is a full moon, can use for card, poster, banner, invitation

Creepy Jack – O – Lantern Halloween Scary Illustration

We thought Jack – O – Lanterns are supposed to be friendly. But clearly, this particular image doesn’t say so otherwise. This creepy Jack-Lantern image is perfect for Halloween! We love how the image is set in the woods, nearby a body of water, and of course, the creepy pumpkin with a very “welcoming” smile. Get this photo here to use on your Halloween designs!

Scary Window Halloween Scary Illustration

“Scary Window” is an understatement in this image. This is why this is a perfect Halloween photo that you should keep on your list! This photo screams horror and the creeps, perfect for this time of the year. Get this photo here now!

Grave at Night Halloween Scary Vector

If you’re looking for a scary vector for graves, you can surely use this one! This Halloween grave at-night vector perfectly captures a Halloween scene. You have the haunted mansion, the scary lanterns, the gravestones, and the creepy pointy trees. Click here to get this image for free!

Cobweb Halloween Scary Vector Background

Cobwebs are also a big hit during Halloween! There’s just something scary and creepy about spiders, especially their webs. This vector is perfect if you’re looking for a cobweb background you can play around with and add more designs to. It’s free to use with just a few clicks. Download here!

Woods at Night Halloween Illustration

Here’s another classic Halloween scenery for you, the woods at night! This particular one features a lot of fog and scary-looking trees which surely creates the perfect eerie vibe. You can use this photo as a great background for your decor, or as a background for your digital Halloween designs. It’s free to use and easy to download. Download it here!

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