Eye-opening works of Banksy, More than a street artist

The craze and popularity of street art reached new heights in recent years.  People are appreciating this type of visual art more, which are done in public locations. These are mostly unsanctioned artworks and feature outside of the traditional venues designated for art display.

Are you among those people having excellent artistic senses and appreciate this type of artwork?  If yes, then you already know about Banksy and if not, you should. He is not like any other street artist, but someone different, with a unique style and taste. He is without doubt the most well known street artist there is.

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Who is Banksy?

Banksy is one of a kind personality, and the art world knows him as an anonymous graffiti artist based in England. His identity is not restricted as an artist only. He is also an active political personality, besides being a film director with an unverified identity. Banksy is known for using a distinctive technique of stenciling for creating his wall arts. His iconic works of political and social commentary are displayed globally on the walls and streets, as well as bridges of different cities.

His artworks created a revolution and caught the attention of the worlds media. ‘Time’ magazine recognized his work and he was included in the list of 100 most influential people in 2010, globally.  He was fortunate enough to remain in association with notable personalities like Lady Gaga, Barack Obama and Steve Jobs. What made him unique and different from other notable street artists is his identity is known by very few, if any at all. He is a complete stranger for the world, who never faces the media, and of course his artistic standard is out of this world.

Unknown facts about Banksy:

  • Many people say that his actual name is Robin Gunningham. He was born in 1974 in Bristol. His father was a photocopier technician. He learned the art of graffiti in his native city and was the member of a gang named DryBreadZ Crew. This of course is unverified speculation.
  • In 2007, at the ‘Barely Legal’ exhibition of Los Angeles, he painted an elephant pink. Blek Le Rat was one of the talented street artists of his time and it is said his work inspired Banksy massively.
  • He was earlier blamed of duplicating other artists’ works but with use of unusual materials. He designed a series of banknotes (fake) having the image of late Princess Diana’s in place of Queen Elizabeth.
  • Banksy calls himself ‘Quality Vandal’. He is one of those popular figures of artwork whose identity is still unknown. He takes help of a third party for delivery of certificates of authenticity. This certificate is known as Pest control.
  • One of his commendable pieces of work is the image of a naked man who is clinging from a windowsill. He made this art on the wall of a clinic. He is also an author who penned his first book in 2001. The book was titled ‘Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall’. His second book was published in 2002 named ‘Existentialism’.
  • Banksy is one of those artists who love editing his self-made paintings. He mastered the art of using stencils.
  • In 2008, his work “Keep it Spotless”, was sold off at auction for a price of $1,7 million.

Some notable artwork of Banksy:

Banksy is inclined towards graffiti and it appears that stenciling is a faster method to paint.   The majority of his street-work is done using stencils.  His artworks are a perfect combination of presentation using satirical and dark humor with. His artwork usually has a hidden message attached based on art, philosophy, as well as politics. Some of his highly acclaimed work includes:

  • Let Them Eat Crack
  • The Flower Thrower
  • Sweeping It Under the Carpet
  • One Nation Under CCTV
  • Follow Your Dreams (Cancelled)
  • Mobile Lovers
  • Balloon Girl

This is not the end of Banksy’s list by any means as there are many more outstanding works which grabbed the attention of street artwork lovers. It is hard to find a contemporary artist in this era who can match Banksy’s work. He is very different from other street artists as he always uses graffiti to attract the attention of the audience, towards important things that matters in life. He is one of the notable political activists, who made several controversial artworks, which caught the attention of many people. A few years back he offered free prints to the people of Bristol who would vote against the Tory candidate in the general election.

In the year 2014, the Broad Plain Boys Club got permission from Banksy to sell off the prestigious art ‘Mobile Lovers’, to ensure the club remained open. But that created a problem; the art was placed next to the Bristol city council’s offices. Although the club leader removed it from there into a city museum when the council and police investigated. But personally, Banksy never got involved in this matter, and gave full rights to the club to do whatever they want to with the piece. This gives us an understanding of where Banksy’s allegiance is, i.e. with the people.


The life of an artist itself is an inspiring one. When the artist is some brilliant personality like Banksy who knows how to turn simple street artwork into a meaningful way of speaking about life, then there are many things to learn from him. Follow his artwork and his contribution to street art. He is much more than just an artist and his works speak about that and generally speak for themselves. 

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