Noir Chen - D-D Play

D-D Play Reimagines And Animates The Calender App

D-D Play or Day-Day Play, is an app concept that reimagines android and iOS calendars, delivering cutesy, date-aware animations integrated on-screen.

Motion graphics professional Noir Chen, who is chief art director at the Beijing-based Ya lab, conceived D-D Play and created a series of animated GIFs demonstrating how it might function. He says that the app delivers ‘an interesting animation’, which changes daily to reflect significant events in the calender changes in the weather.

The design mock-ups distil the complexities of presenting interconnected information via minimal UI design and muted colours that plays on flat design tropes. Likewise, the animations, which are the centrepiece of the concept, inform through their cutesy geometric, 3D aesthetic.

You can follow Noir Chen’s work at Behance and Dribble.
Noir Chen - D-D Play
D-D Play - Autumn
D-D Play Behance App Project
D-D Play App Animation
D-D Play App - Dragon Animation

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