Chromatic Photography Is Lush In So Many Ways

The glossy technicolor visual aesthetic that Chromatic photography explores, tracks that pretty special point at which art, science and tech converge.

Chromatic, a project of US-based Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Photographer Shane griffin, explores ‘light transitions through defective glass’.  The series of vibrant portraits, landscapes and squared off stills, showcases the point at which ‘colors fail to converge at one focus through the lens’ and ‘the spectrum splits’, known as a chromatic aberration.  What results is a super interesting and kind of beautiful mass of hues, tones and digital-like gradients.

You can check out the project in full at and follow Shane Griffin’s work at Behance.

Shane Griffin - Chromatic PhotographyChromatic Photography - Shane Griffin Chromatic   Bechance - Chromatic Photography

Chromatic Photography - Pink, Blue and Orange

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