Brothel - Suvida w Clement!no Cover

Brothel’s Iced-Out, Future Trap Euphoria

The pale aesthetic adopted by Brothel communicates the emotionally charged haze that sits, halo-like, atop his Future Trap leanings.

Over the last year, the Colorado-based producer has been putting out Future Trap bangers in association with Bass-centric collective Amstergang. As well as amassing a solid Soundcloud following and hundreds of thousands of plays, he has established an uncompromising sound that exploits a maximalist sonic pallette that lies somewhere between contemporary Electronic music and 90’s Eurodance.

At it’s most affecting, Brothel’s music is as cerebral as it is visceral. Our playlist opens with ‘SUVIDA w/CLEMENT!NO’, a track where the producer aims a hail of snare rushes, tricked-out hi-hats and Trance-like melodicism at a pitched down vocal loop . The synth swells and half-time percussion play off left-field Hip-Hop norms associated with Cloud Rap and accentuate an emotional headspace triggered by the sample.

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