Body Horror GIFs From The Future

There’s something skin crawlingly tactile about Adam Pizurny’s  ingeniously abstract, conceptually visceral and brilliantly put together GIFs.

You can see shades of dystopian sci-fi and David Cronenberg-like Body Horror in the work of Czech republic-based graphic designer Adam Pizurny. A warped aesthetic sensibility and obvious mastery of CGI as an art form make his archive of looping GIFs – where ferrofluid-looking substances and gloopy veins pour over and deconstruct the faces of expressionless beings –  a visually dynamic and oddly thrilling trip.

You can check out more of Adam Pizurny’s work at Tumblr.

symbiosis - Adam Pizurny GIFグリッチの女の子 - Adam Pizurny GIF  Reaction–diffusion_01 - Adam Pizurny GIF Morphing - Adam Pizurny GIF eternal_02 - Adam Pizurny GIF EMBW_08 - Adam Pizurny GIF Catharsis - Adam Pizurny GIF afterbirth - Adam Pizurny GIF

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