Adam Pizurny GIFs

Body Horror GIFs From The Future

There’s something skin crawlingly tactile about Adam Pizurny’s  ingeniously abstract, conceptually visceral and brilliantly put together GIFs.

You can see shades of dystopian sci-fi and David Cronenberg-like Body Horror in the work of Czech republic-based graphic designer Adam Pizurny. A warped aesthetic sensibility and obvious mastery of CGI as an art form make his archive of looping GIFs – where ferrofluid-looking substances and gloopy veins pour over and deconstruct the faces of expressionless beings –  a visually dynamic and oddly thrilling trip.

You can check out more of Adam Pizurny’s work at Tumblr.

symbiosis - Adam Pizurny GIFグリッチの女の子 - Adam Pizurny GIF  Reaction–diffusion_01 - Adam Pizurny GIF Morphing - Adam Pizurny GIF eternal_02 - Adam Pizurny GIF EMBW_08 - Adam Pizurny GIF Catharsis - Adam Pizurny GIF afterbirth - Adam Pizurny GIF

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