Beautiful House Designs and Architecture

For this collection, we focused on beautiful house designs and architecture that includes the only renewable building material – wood. This incredible material is environmentally friendly since manufacturers can easily process it and has a very low carbon footprint. This means that in case of a fire, the amount of carbon dioxide taken from the atmosphere through photosynthesis will be significantly lower than that of other materials.

Additionally, wood dries quickly and has a low density or weight, which means that it is relatively easy to fabricate interesting shapes and designs. It’s also an exceptional insulator and energy saver. It may sound counter-intuitive, but wood is actually resistant against earthquakes. Plus, wood emits zero electrostatic charge and is not harmful or radioactive. Everyone knows that, but it’s good to list all its positive features, right?

Wood has a pleasant scent, one that is fresh and earthy. Interestingly, it is also capable of absorbing disgusting stench and unpleasant miasma. Well, it is more like a natural filter against harmful gases, moistening the air. This means that wood regulates humidity through the wooden plates and pillars.

Therefore, we have handpicked a few beautiful and creative architectural designs from all over the world. This collection features different design projects, from small cozy houses in the woods, to trendy modern ones in the urban landscape. Scroll down for a breath of inspiration. All photos were found on platforms such as Pinterest, or across the web.

Modern House Designs and Architecture

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