Bartolomé García Artist

Bartolomé García’s Fractured Digital Aesthetic

Severed human appendages, lifeless mannequins and a cast of glitchy marble busts inhabit the bizarre visual world of Spanish digital artist Bartolomé García.

Employing the 3D skills that shape his videogame and graphic design studies, Bartolomé García experiments with technology  ‘in a more artistic way’ than his academic pursuits allow. The resulting dreamscapes are bizarre manipulations of form and language. Often nightmarish and bathed in a midnight blue wash, they elicit a void-like allure, common in internet-aware net art circles.

The image of a 2D smiley face edited to appear sad emblazons Bartolomé’s Tumblr presence, emphasizing the emotionally fragmented nature of his sometime pristine, sometimes chaotic work. It’s in this visual malaise where the Dark Ambient soundtrack to his Instagram video renders sits so well – garbled speech, gunfire and distorted feedback accentuating a madness in the minimalism.

You can follow Bartolomé at tumblrInstagramFacebook and Behance.

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Bartolomé García 3D Digital Art

Digital Artist Bartolomé García

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