The Simpsons FXX IDs

Awesomely Weird Simpsons FX IDs

Inspiringly oddball and dynamic Simpsons IDs created for the FXX Network that twist, morph and skew characters and iconography from the seminal TV show.

The brilliantly whacked-out ID’s were created for the FXX network by Los Angeles-based animation and live action production company, Laundry. They were challenged to create something unmistakeably Simpsons but tonally surprising and came up with a stylistically minimal concept that was graphically abstract with a ‘twist of weird’.

The team behind the animations are ‘completely infatuated with all things Simpsons’ and  say that they were influenced by Kaws x Simpsons, Instagram fan art and Pinterest searches. The resulting on brand but playfully independent renderings cast a variety of Springfield residents as ‘screams, splats, wiggles and wobbles’.

Read more about the series here.

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