Bauhaus Inspired Fonts

Bauhaus Inspired Fonts From Typekit are Headed Our Way

Bauhaus was a world-renowned design school based in Germany in the early 20th century. Roughly 100 years after the grand opening of the school, Adobe Typekit has announced that they have created five brand new Bauhaus Inspired Fonts. During its time, Bauhaus inspired many people to become designers. That inspiration has carried throughout many generations […]

menu template

Unique Menu Templates That Will Leave you Hungry for More

A creative and aesthetically pleasing food menu can drastically increase a restaurant’s sales and overall popularity. A well-designed restaurant menu is memorable and will convince customers to order more food. The most popular restaurants create a specific environment that leaves them wanting more. The menu is an important element that contributes to that personality. The

The Best Color Palette Generators to use for Your Next Design Project

Choosing a color scheme for a website or other digital design project is one of the most important elements of design. It is usually the first thing a visitor will notice or remember. The color scheme is used to communicate and establish the overall theme.  Many designers make the mistake of choosing colors that they

Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps for Novices and Professionals Alike

Man, do we love the camera on our iPhone. The convenience of having an outstanding camera with us at all times allows us to capture every moment from a creative perspective. The ever-increasing megapixels and sensors present us with more photography opportunities than ever. Whether you use your iPhone camera to keep your Instagram fresh

web design

How to Incorporate a Pattern in Your Web Design Without Going Overboard

  Using a pattern in your web design is a great way to make your website stand out. Patterned web designs have become increasingly popular, and we are living for it. You can use original illustrations, transparent photographs, and other digital art trends when choosing a pattern for your website. Patterns are a beautiful way

7 Mesmerizing Photographers To Follow on Instagram

Go on, admit it, you might have an Instagram addiction. It’s okay, so do we. Instead of scrolling through the same “influencers” and celebrities, we love to use the platform for creative inspiration. Some of our favorite photographers have graced us with their own Instagram account, and we could not be more obsessed. We love

20+ Amazing Free WordPress Themes for Personal & Business Sites

Are you looking for the quickest and most cost-effective way to launch a personal or business web project? Choose WordPress themes as the starting point. This is the most popular content managing system in the world, which is used to power more than 30% of the websites available on the web. The opportunities that the

It’s Time to Switch form Freelance Designer to Agency

Today we are going to be discussing a few tips and tools you can use to help make the transition from freelance designer to agency a little bit easier. CHANGE is that dreadful word that you don’t want to hear, nor read in your emails from your clients. “Could you change that line? Wouldn’t it

20 Flagship & Best-Selling Templates [Spring sale – 35% Off]

Easter is a great holiday celebrated all over the world. BTW, are you ready for it? How do you usually celebrate Easter? Do you like to gather with family and friends or maybe you prefer to spend this time on your own thinking about the eternal things like the sense of life and your mission

20+ Free Realistic iPhone Mock-ups to Download

The highly-anticipated release of the latest iPhone X (the Roman numeral for “ten”) certainly got people excited. Released on November 3rd, 2017, it is one of the world’s most powerful personal devices. Well, that’s the general consensus at least. Nevertheless, statistics show that there are more than 700 million iPhone users worldwide, according to Fortune.